Metabolism and sarcomas : Laetitia Linares


Sarcomas are rare tumors that develop in connective tissues, with about 3000 new cases per year in France. There are many types of sarcoma. 15% of them are represented by liposarcoma. A genetic anomaly corresponding to the amplification of the MDM2 gene is observed in almost 100% of liposarcoma cases making it a therapeutic target of choice. We have identified that the activity of MDM2 in liposarcoma is related to the amino acids metabolism. Our work consists exploring in detail this new metabolic role of MDM2 and evaluating the development of new therapeutic strategies to treat liposarcoma. The objectives are to improve the understanding of the development of this tumor and to identify factors that play an important role in their occurrence. Currently, there is no effective treatment again liposarcoma, and the diagnosis is long and difficult. A better understanding of the role of the MDM2 protein on cell metabolism and the development of liposarcomas is a major challenge in identifying new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.
The long-term goal of our work is to open up the study of metabolism to other types of sarcomas.


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